• At ClinWorld, we value the requirements of our clients. Our in depth experience and impeccable credentials will be assiduously made available to your drug development processes.
  • The trials are conducted in compliance with the ICH-GCP guidelines coordinated with utmost precision and every detail is carefully monitored to enable acceptance of various regulatory agencies across the world. Our deliverables are prompt meeting the highest ethical and scientific standards.
  • ClinWorld philosophy always is to become a true partner in development, assimilating the client's goals and making the distinction between ClinWorld and each client as transparent as possible
    1. Clinical Protocol Development
    2. Case Report Form Design
    3. Designing Informed Consent Document
    4. Investigators Identification & Qualification
    5. Monitoring & Project Management
    6. Clinical Site Management
    7. Drug / Study supplement Accountability
    8. Medical Writing & Regulatory Submission
    9. Auditing & Quality Assurance